2016 Olympia Results: Full Mr Olympia Results (All Competitions)


Last updated: September 19

Mr Olympia 2016 - All Results

As the Mr Olympia Weekend has now drawn to a close for another year, in today’s post we recap the top 5 placings for each division and bring you all the Olympia results…

Men’s Bodybuilding Mr Olympia Results

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Shawn Rhoden
  3. Dexter Jackson
  4. Big Ramy
  5. William Bonac

Phil Heath won his 6th Olympia, putting him on a list with some other all time greats.

It’s becoming a real possibility now that he could break all Olympia records.

212 Showdown

  1. Flex Lewis
  2. Ahmad Ashkanani
  3. Jose Raymond
  4. Eduardo Correa
  5. David Henry

Once again Flex Lewis proved to be unstoppable at the Olympia.

It looks like he, along with Phil Heath, are going to be unbeatable right now. No one else appears to be on their level.

Men’s Physique

  1. Jeremy Buendia
  2. Ryan Terry
  3. Jeremy Potvin
  4. Brandon Hendrickson
  5. Andre Ferguson

Jeremy Buendia took his 3rd Men’s Physique title, with Ryan Terry coming just 1 point behind on the judges scorecards and Jeremy Potvin just 1 point behind Ryan.

Classic Physique

  1. Danny Hester
  2. Arash Rahbar
  3. Sadik Hadzovic
  4. Breon Ansley
  5. Darrem Charles

Loud boo’s rang out when Sadik was announced in 3rd place, however it felt he was lucky to achieve that as parts of his physique were just not up to the standards of the others.

Danny Hester was relatively unknown to us before the competition but beat out the rest to take the title.

Next years Classic Physique should be a good one to look for, now we know a little bit more about what exactly the judges are looking for here.

Woman’s Physique

  1. Juliana Malacarne
  2. Danielle Reardon
  3. Heather Grace
  4. Kira Neuman
  5. Jamie Nicole Pinder

Juliana Malacarne is now a 3x Woman’s Physique champion after winning the 2016 event and is another who looks untouchable right now.

It’s proving harder and harder each year for people to knock the champions off the top spot.


  1. Latorya Watts
  2. Candice Lewis-Carter
  3. Cydney Gillon
  4. Nicole Wilkins
  5. Swann Delarosa

Latorya Watts became a 2x Figure competition winner over the weekend and smashed her division.


  1. Oksana Grishina
  2. Tanji Johnson
  3. Regiane DaSilva
  4. Whitney Jones
  5. Bethany Wagner


  1. Courtney King
  2. Angelica Teixeira
  3. India Paulino
  4. Ashley Kaltwasser
  5. Jennifer Ronzitti

And that’s a wrap on 2016.

We hope you enjoyed the Olympia weekend as much as we did.

We’re already looking forward to the 2017 Arnold Classic and 2017 Mr Olympia events!

Have any thoughts on the weekend? Think anyone should have won but didn’t?

We’ll be popping in and out of the comments to chat through them all.

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