Gymshark: Mens Ark Pullover (2017 Review)

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Last updated: May 26

Gymshark Ark Pullover in Black

Howdy Hunters…

Today we are bringing you our take on the very stylish Gymshark Ark Pullover.

We recently purchased one of these each, opting for the Charcoal Marl and Light Grey Marl colours.

After the excitement of receiving our new deliveries was over, it was clear to see that Gymshark have again produced yet another quality product and still very reasonably priced in comparison to other leading sports brands pullovers.

The pullover when it arrived from an objective viewpoint did look very much like any other pullover/hoodie you will likely see.

However, after taking a closer look we noticed a marked difference in how this is set apart from the rest.

Most pullovers out there do what they are meant to do, there comfy, baggy, and keep you warm… right?

However we are all fitness fanatics, we all have gains, and a regular pullover just doesn’t cut it during those winter months.

We don’t train all year round to only show off our hard earned gains for a few weeks a year when we have sunshine (well in our case anyway in the UK!!)

But even if you just like to train in hoodies, the pullover is right up there with the best that we’ve owned and this is where the Gymshark Ark Pullover certainly comes into a league of its own.

It is made from their quality soft touch jersey fabric, and if you’ve owned something from Gymshark before, like most Gymshark clothing, this gives it the nice ‘clingy’ feeling whilst still allowing restriction free movement at all times.

It comes with a fully lined hood with draw cord and fits like a glove around the arms and shoulders.

This really shows off your physique as well as keeping you warm in those winter months.

The soft touch jersey fabric allows for your lats to fit snugly, you may think it must be too tight from that description but its quite the opposite.

The fabric actually moves with you and it still remains tight fitting and aesthetically pleasing.

One small downside is that when putting the pullover on it may feel a little awkward… and what we mean by this is that most other pullovers have very slack elastic at the bottom and are pretty easy and loose to put over your head.

With the Ark pullover it is tight at the bottom with not much ‘give’ making it slightly harder to put on than the normal regular pullovers.

However, this makes for a much better look and fit when the pullover is actually on. It has a tapered effect, again emphasising the physique to its maximum potential.

So, we tried our best to give you a potential negative to the product, but it punches back with a positive comeback!!

The Gymshark Ark Pullover comes in four different colours:

Sapphire Blue, Charcoal Marl, Light Grey Marl and Black

Colours are priced the same at £34.00 or in US dollars $42.61

Yet again we have not been disappointed with Gymshark.

They continue to deliver good quality products which are tailored specifically to all us fitness lovers and they don’t seem to be slowing down in 2017!

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