Gymshark: Mens Fit Tapered Bottoms (2017 Review)

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Last updated: April 8

Gymshark Fit Tapered Bottoms Review

What’s up Hunters!

Today we are going to be bringing you a review on the stylish Gymshark fit tapered bottoms.

We recently purchased a couple of pairs of these and found them to be really good quality and reasonably priced compared to other leading sports brands out there.

One of the things Gymshark do which impresses us is that the sizing of the entire clothing line is tailored to us lifters. It compliments a good physique and that’s exactly what these fit tapered bottoms give.

Gymshark Fit Tapered Bottoms in Light Grey

Gymshark Fit Tapered Bottoms in Light Grey

As you can see from the picture the bottoms are a really snug fit, but you may be thinking are they too tight?

We own many leading branded bottoms, which objectively look the same but don’t give the same comfort as the Gymshark fit tapered bottoms do.

They move with you, they don’t restrict your movement in any way whilst wearing them in general or when training. We find, on leg days especially a lot of bottoms out there are very restricting, for example when squatting, but the Gymshark fit tapered bottoms move with the movement of the lift giving no restriction at all.

A big factor in us definitely buying more of these is that with nearly every tapered bottom we have bought before, whenever you have worn them for a few hours they go saggy.

You know what we mean, right?

We find when you put your phone or keys in the pockets it stretches the material. Even just general wearing of the bottoms can cause this. So we have no idea how Gymshark have done this, but the fit tapered bottoms seem to keep their shape and snug fitting no matter how long you have had them on, or if you stretch the pockets with phones, keys etc.

For us this is a massive thing, there is nothing more annoying than putting on some fresh snug bottoms then 2 hours later they look like loose fitting bottoms!

Gymshark Fit Tapered Bottoms in Black

Gymshark Fit Tapered Bottoms in Black

Another big positive is by keeping the snug fit at all times this doesn’t half show off your hard earned gains and we find that these fit tapered bottoms are perfect for you lifters who have got the quad game going on!

Its a subtle way of showing off your hard earned gains without having to walk around with shorts on all year round.

In terms of design, Gymshark use minimal branding so that the clothing looks sleek. Gymshark don’t go overboard on branding, so the design gets the right balance of comfort and representing both the brand and the Gymshark lifestyle whilst showing off your gains!

The fit tapered bottoms have Gymshark written on the left leg with the logo beside this and on the back there is again the Gymshark logo on the rear pocket.

The pockets on the front are both zip pockets, which we find are much more convenient than regular pockets. As there’s nothing worse than propping them legs up for a massive leg press and everything falling out of your pockets! Right?

There are also zips located at the bottom of the tapered bottoms to aid taking them off, or to give them extra flare if required. Just watch out that you don’t catch any leg hairs in the zip.

The price of the fit tapered bottoms is £34.00 or around $42.00 in America and the Gymshark fit tapered bottoms come with a choice of several colours, such as sapphire blue, charcoal and black.

PH Pro Tip:

Currently Gymshark have an offer on the light grey bottoms. They are retailing at only £23.80 or $29.25 in America which is really a bargain if you are not fussy over colours!

Overall, Gymshark, in our opinion, are really taking the way we wear clothes to another level. Not just these fit tapered bottoms but just about all their range!

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