MI40x Workout Review from Ben Pakulski [2017 Updated Review & Guide]


Last updated: May 7

Ben Pakulski Training a Client in MI40X

Here’s the brutal truth about training regimes:

There are WAY too many people selling them online who don’t care about your results and just want to take your money.

If you’re serious about getting RESULTS, you need to choose a program that is going to suit you.

Otherwise you’re going to do what so many others do: pay lots of money and hope that something happens. Or what we like to call, the ‘Pay and Pray‘ approach.

Today we’re going to show you the MI40X workout and training method that GUARANTEES that you will get results.

Keep reading to learn how…


Today we’re going to talk about MI40X.

We HIGHLY recommend you read our entire review here at Protein Hunter.

But if you just want to know something specific, then feel free to skip through to the sections you’re most interested in.

We break everything down for you so that you understand exactly what the program is all about.

So, what is MI40X?

If you’re on this page, you probably have some sort of idea already.

But, for those who don’t, we’ll start from the beginning.

M140X is a fat-blasting, muscle building workout routing designed by Ben Pakulski, a Mr Olympia standard athlete and competitor.

The basis for the program is a scientific approach to working out and is relevant for anyone training in 2017.

You’ll learn a lot about mind-muscle connection and the science behind each exercise he covers to learn EXACTLY why things work.

And why most people perform them wrong.

We’ll be honest:

It will probably have you sat there thinking “Oh, I’ve been doing this wrong the whole time!”

There were definitely a few things in there we had been doing wrong.

In fact:

This M140X training program is the same system Ben himself followed to become a top 15 ranked bodybuilder in the world.

Ben shows you exactly – step-by-step – how to gain muscle mass and even how to lose fat in the process!

Now, you might be thinking:

If he’s a Mr Olympia caliber bodybuilder, how on earth is this workout program going to work for me?

And that’s a great question.

But one thing you might not know about Ben is that he was once a long distance runner (who are famously thin!), and that before him, nobody in his family even worked out!

He wasn’t always as big as he is now… far from it in fact.

And neither are the majority of people who have taken part in the course.

In fact, it took Ben well over 15 years to get to that stage himself.

Which just goes to show that a quality workout routine and hard work can go a LONG way.

mi40x Workout Image


Ben wants you to succeed.

He’s an Olympia caliber bodybuilder with a reputation to uphold, so just so we are clear, there is no way that M140X is a scam.

In fact:

Thousands of people have already had success with the M140 program.

Ourselves included.

We personally keep repeating this program from time to time as it allows us to quickly build muscle without putting on fat.

And the best part is:

You can achieve those results too… even if you are just starting out.

Unlike workout programs such as Insanity, MI40X is not a circuit-style weight training.

Those types of programs can certainly help you lose weight…

But they will not shape and sculpt your appearance as effectively as intense and direct muscle work.

So whether you are a man or a woman, we truly believe this muscle building, fat destroying workout routine will benefit you greatly in some way.


Like anything, you get out of it what you are willing to put in.

And we will be the first to say that there is no perfect workout out there.

It really is up to you. And that’s often why you find people calling these styles of workouts scams. They aren’t willing to also put the effort required in to it and expect miracle instant results.

Having said that, Ben is so sure that you will get results, there is a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Which means you pretty much get a MI40X free trial.

But the MI40X workout program is honestly damn good. We’re confident you won’t want your money back once you see the results start kicking in!

Regardless, we firmly believe is critical to know if MI40X will give you the results you want BEFORE you make the investment in the workout program.

Because spending 6 weeks doing a workout program that doesn’t work as you expected, or you aren’t really motivated for, costs you a lot in both time and money.

So, here’s the deal:

If you want to get ripped fast, build muscle and lose fat, MI40X is for you.

If you want to learn techniques that you can still go on and use AFTER you’ve completed MI40X, then it is also for you.

We’re certain you will find yourself coming back to it time and time again like we do. Or at the very least taking the parts you enjoy the most and implementing them into your future workouts.

The money back guarantee is no questions asked. So you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Woman & Man performing mi40x Workout


The entire MI40X workout program is made up of 8 components.

And to save you the hassle, we’re going to walk you through them now, explaining the pros and cons as we go along.

Everybody likes to talk about the pros when they review things.


We know that you, as readers, and ourselves personally want to hear the negative points too.

You want to know exactly what you are spending your hard earned cash on. And whether it will be worth it or not!

So we won’t hold anything back.

You’ll only get the truth from us here at Protein Hunter.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty we want to tell you our favourite thing about MI40:

The demonstration videos are quite simply, brilliant.

Ben goes into great detail and uses an assistant to demonstrate the moves whilst he talks you through the exercise.

He points out common mistakes and leaves you with no doubt as to why an exercise works.

If you need to correct your posture and execution you will definitely love the videos. The money you spend for the course is worth it in the videos alone really.


Like a lot of online courses M140X comes with some ‘filler’ items that leave you thinking you are getting huge amounts of value for your money.

When in reality they just pulled the figure out their ass.

But before we take you through the components and really break down the program…

Let us just tell you our biggest annoyance with MI40X:

The sales video.

It’s pretty long and very ‘salesy’, but it works, I guess.

Which is why you see it in so many places when it comes to purchasing products online.

It seems to go on and on forever.

Although at least to Ben’s credit he does show you a quality example around 5 minutes in.

You also can’t visit the page and buy the program straight away which is a little bit frustrating.

So if you don’t want to watch the sales video but you’re interested in the program scroll down the page and click the ‘Learn More’ link.

You’ll be taken to another page which tells you the price and gives you all the program information straight up.


Once inside the MI40 download area you will be presented with all the workout material with downloadable links.

You’ll get an ‘Introduction’ video from Ben Pakulski.

In the video he walks you through how to use the program and how to get started.

It’s about 5 minutes long, but it’s a must watch.

So watch it and get excited! You’re about to receive some serious gains!

Another thing that impresses us about MI40X is that the program all fits together nicely. And this introduction video explains exactly how it all works.


Let’s move on to the course components:

Component 1: The 40-Day MASS Intelligence Training Manual

In case you were wondering:

MI40 stands for Mass Intent 40.

And this training manual goes into depth explaining the science behind the program.

It’s nothing to shout about.

But it’s definitely a helpful component to have and worth a read to make sure you’re on the right track.

Component 2: The 40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual

The nutrition manual is what I’d consider one of the weaker points of the program.

The biggest problem is that you get no recipes included so you have to go out and find them yourself.

That being said:

You will learn a lot about the basics of nutrition, what to eat to gain muscle, and how to lose fat and the timings of when you should eat.


It REALLY annoys us that you don’t get any idea of how to put this into meal form that a regular person could eat on a daily basis.

And it’s obviously going to be difficult to stick to a diet if you aren’t sure what meals to prepare or what to eat.

It’s definitely an area of the course that could be improved.

Component 3: The 40-Day MASS Instruction Workout Videos


The mi40x workout videos are AWESOME.

If you think about how much it would cost to spend SEVEN hours, which is the total time of the videos, with a Mr Olympia Pro athlete…

You’re getting unreal value for your money and an insight into the mind of a top bodybuilder.

As previously mentioned:

Throughout the videos, Ben coaches and guides Figure Champ Emily Stirling, Bodybuilding Champion Matt Stirling, Pro Fitness Model Vince Del Monte, and TNA wrestler ‘The Freak’ Rob Terry.

He leaves no stones unturned and explains the reasoning behind each exercise and why it works. And using a variety of different athletes really puts a perspective on how this course can get results for anyone.

Each video usually lasts between 2 to 5 minutes, and leaves you with no doubt that if you follow what he does, you are to perform the exercises correctly and you are going to see results.

We can’t fault this part of the program, and it’s where the majority of the value lies for us.

Component 4: The 40-Day MASS Proportions Exercise Execution Guide

The exercise execution guide is a pretty big guide, at about 120 pages long.

That being said:

It could be better.

It’s a little bit annoying that you get these AMAZING workout instruction videos, and then you’re let down a bit by this guide afterwards.

The exercises are poorly illustrated, with most of them only getting one image to show the movement which is not enough.

You get decent descriptions to go with them, and if you’re in a rush for any reason it can be handier than having to sit through some videos.

But take our word for it and watch the videos instead.

Component 5: The 40-Day MASS Prescription Printable Workout Sheets

The MI40X printable workout sheets can be very handy if you don’t mind carrying paper round the gym with you.


What we did with these was re-create them on my phone, or copied them in to our training books and use them from that instead.

They’re definitely handy to have though.

And they will make sure you know what you should be doing and when once you’re in the gym and don’t have access to the course or the videos.

They’re what we would call a ‘nice to have‘.

By that we mean:

They aren’t essential, and don’t add anything new to the course in terms of learning…

But they back everything up and re-assure you that you’re following things correctly.

Ben breaks down every exercise, set, rep, rest period, tempo, when to apply his NOS™ principles, and throws in a few bonus tips too.

Component 6: The 40-Day MASS Pursuit Calendar

To us, a calendar is a calendar.

It’s one of those parts of the program that we’d personally consider to be a ‘filler’ and could take it or leave it.

But, you may get some value out of it.

If you struggle to keep yourself organised or motivated, the MI40X calendar organises the entire 40 days of the program and is optimised to track your progress.

Component 7: The 40- Day MASS Supplement Stack Protocol

Ben values the supplement stack protocol at $27.

We’d be willing to go ahead and say that this protocol is worth the cost of the program alone.


Because it gives you an in depth guide of why you should be taking certain supplements and when the optimum time to take them is.

Whether you want to lose fat or build muscle, it covers what supplements you should be taking whatever your goal.

We actually use this outside of the course when putting together supplement stacks. Or just if there’s a moment we’re unsure. It’s a great guide to fall back on.

And if you take supplements already, this will definitely make you rethink when you take them. And how to stack them together.

Component 8: Size Secrets Audio Interrogation

In this audio component:

Ben discusses some of what he calls “under-the-radar” strategies.

He’s pretty straight up about the fact that no workout program is perfect.

And there’s always some part of your training that you can improve upon.

This guide really covers a few gems that will help you to pack on size.


We hope you can see the potential of MI40X for your next workout routine.

Learning the ins and outs of the program is hard work, but, if you’re anything like us:

We personally REALLY enjoy learning new information. Some of it will even make you sit back and think…

“I’ve been doing that wrong the whole time.”

You’ll improve your mind muscle connection and start to feel your muscles working as they should.

So would we recommend the MI40X Workout?


And we do.

To people who will be the right fit.

We’re the last people who would want to recommend something if we didn’t think it was worth it.

And we really wouldn’t want anybody to waste time or money.


You have to be motivated.

Otherwise you are just going to waste your time. Regardless of what program or routine you follow.

And if you don’t feel that MI40X is right for you, then don’t buy it!

We really wouldn’t want you to waste your money on something you don’t feel you will get value from.

We want to make that clear.

There are no perfect workout programs. And none of them are going to perform miracles.

It takes time and hard work to create something great.

But with MI40X you already know ahead of time that your hard work is going to pay off if you are motivated from the start.

MI40 won’t be easy, and you’ll be pushing a lot of weight.

But it’s thoroughly enjoyable though and it definitely gets you RESULTS.

Which is why we come back to it time and time again ourselves.

So, we hope we’ve helped to make the decision clearer for you.

Ready to get started?

Click the link below to get access to MI40X.

Download MI40X Now!

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