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Last updated: July 2

Thanks to the team over at, we were able to get our hands on their latest range:

The Signature Series Muscle Building Stack. Signature Series Muscle Building Stack Signature Series Muscle Building Stack
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In this article, we’re going to talk about the entire contents of the stack, along with the positives and the improvement points.

The Signature Stack has been designed with your entire day in mind and is broken down in to Morning / Pre & Post Workout and Before bed.

On receiving the products, the first thing we could tell is that the team at have gone all in on quality. From the packaging to the products themselves.

Let’s take a look what’s included before we break it down further:

What’s in the Signature Series stack?

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this stack, mostly because it contains so many components.

We’re going to break down everything. So go ahead and jump ahead to any of the sections you’re most interested in if you’re not interested in reading everything!

Out the box you get:

  • Multivitamins
  • Lemon flavoured Fish Oil
  • Pre Workout: Watermelon, Green Apple, Fruit Punch
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Whey Protein: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate
  • L-Glutamine
  • ZMA

That’s a pretty great round-up of products when all put together – and the convenience of ordering the Stack itself is second to none.

You can buy everything individually, but our first thoughts are why would you? For a reasonable price you can get a whole lot of extras.

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The Signature Series Whey Protein comes with 3 flavours currently, with you being able to choose between Strawberry, Vanilla & Chocolate. Pretty standard flavours when it comes to protein supplements.

The Signature Series Protein has a great Protein to Carb ratio. Coming in with a 21g of protein per serving and only 2g of carbs. For a protein powder that’s pretty good. It’s the same amount of protein per serving when compared to MyProtein Impact Whey protein.

Even the best selling protein on this planet, Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey only has 24g of protein, but has double the carbs at 4g per serving.

So this protein is pretty damn impressive, although if could bump the protein content by another couple of grams we’d be saying it was epic.

We also think the range could be improved if they added more flavours to the range, like MyProtein and Optimum Nutrition do.

Whilst the standard flavours are tried and tested, the market shows that people want and are looking for alternatives to try. MyProtein Impact Whey currently sits at 67 available flavours, with Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey having around 25.


We get that this is a new product. And because the flavours they do offer are tried and tested, they’re all pretty good really. We especially liked the Vanilla flavour. Signature Series Creatine

Let’s be honest. Pretty much everything that needs to be said about creatine has already been said online. So there’s not a whole lot we can add.

The Signature Series creatine is micronised creatine monohydrate and each serving is 5g.

The ingredients are quality, it mixes well with shakes or the pre-workout from the Signature Series Stack – and at Protein Hunter, we personally like to take it two or three times per day.

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If you mix the Signature Series Creatine into anything except for plain water, you won’t even be able to tell it is there. Even in water, it’s not so bad – but it’s definitely better mixed with something else.

It’s great value for your money if bought separately too, as well as part of the stack. And for those of you who might be vegetarian or vegan, no problem. It’s ideal. Signature Series Pre-workout

First up, there’s 200mg of caffeine per serving. That’s a pretty decent amount and is definitely going to wake you up in a morning.

The Signature Series pre-workout also contains 2,500mg L-Citrulline and 1,500mg Beta Alanine and BCAA’s in a 2:1:1 ratio.

If you didn’t already know, L-Citrulline boosts your bodies nitric oxide production, improving blood flow throughout your body.

But most importantly:

L-Citrulline leads to bigger and better pumps in the gym.

Beta Alanine is used to enhance overall athletic performance.

Basically, what we’re saying with this is that the pre-workout is going to help wake up you, get you in the zone for the gym and give you a great pump whilst you’re there.

You get around 30 servings per pre-workout. So this is going to last you for an entire month.

Note: Due to the 200mg of caffeine, we wouldn’t recommend taking this more than once per day. Especially if you drink other caffeinated products like tea or coffee. Signature Series Pre-workout flavours

Watermelon, Green Apple, Fruit Punch

Pre-workout’s haven’t seen quite the explosion in flavors we’ve seen with whey protein, so we’re pretty happy with this range in the Signature Series stack. Signature Series Multivitamins & Fish Oil

We’re not going to spend too much time talking about both of these components to the Signature Series stack.

We’re sure by now that everyone knows what a multi-vitamin is and what it does. They’re one of those products for us that 90% of the product is going to be wasted. But that 10% that contains any vitamins you may be deficient in is going to improve your overall well-being and general feeling.

So despite not being flashy, it could still be a welcome addition for some people.

Likewise for the fish oils. Whilst some of the claims for fish oils are unproven, they’re a very popular supplement.

What is clear with fish oils is that they do help to regulate blood pressure and can contribute to normal function of the heart.

We love the fact added a slight lemon flavour to them. So there’s no fishy after taste that you can find with other fish oil products.

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What we love about the Signature Series:

There’s no “proprietary blend” packaging labels to be found here. The products are high quality. All the ingredients are clear, so you know exactly what you’re putting in to your body.

Your whole day is covered. Like we mentioned earlier, there’s no need to even think about what to take and when. You get everything right out of the box, at the doses you need. There’s no fuss. No need to go shopping around.

The price of the Signature Series Stack generally beats the individual prices of these items when combined. So you save money. What’s not to love about that?

What could be better about Signature Series:

More protein flavours: We touched on this above, but to recap, the flavours they have are good, but a little too tried and tested. People have shown they expect more than the usual 3 flavours. To really match MyProtein’s Impact Whey or Optimum Nutritions Gold Standard, are going to need to up the number of flavours on offer.

Less “fluff” – Multivitamins and Fish Oil. Are they really necessary? They’re certainly not going to do you any harm (taken at the proper dosages), but you’re paying extra for those supplements as part of the stack.

Which leads us to our last point:

Matching the servings.

There’s a chance that repeatedly ordering the Signature Series Stack isn’t worth it, as you could end up with varying amounts of each product left over – or run out of some products quicker than others. For example, the pre-workout contains 30 servings, where the multi-vitamins contain 45.

This makes us think that there may not be a need to repeat order the stacks, which could be a benefit to the customer and themselves.

We know we’d love to be able to put this order on repeat and have everything we need for the month (or two months) arrive at our doorstep.

Round up

At Protein Hunter, we think have really hit the nail on the head with their Signature Series Stack.

They’ve clearly focused on quality, which shows in the products themselves. After trying this out ourselves, we’re very happy with the contents and we’re sure you would be too.

Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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As usual, if you have any questions or want to add to the discussion, please comment below.

See you next time!

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