What is Planet Muscle Magazine? [2015 Review]


Last updated: March 29

Collage of Planet Muscle Magazines - Protein Hunter

Planet Muscle Magazine was launched in 2002 by Jeff Everson, the former Editor-in-Chief of Muscle & Fitness magazine; and ranks in the top bodybuilding magazines.

It is an American bodybuilding and fitness magazine endeavouring to disseminate the truth in the fitness world.

Collage of Planet Muscle Magazines - Protein Hunter

What is Planet Muscle magazine?

Published 6 times a year, they aim to provide reliable, accurate training, supplement and nutritional information.

Unlike some of the major Bodybuilding magazines, Planet Muscle covers a very wide array of recreational sports, physique training and other related topics.

According to their Facebook page, their focus is primarily on Bodybuilding, Muscle Training, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, top muscle-building supplement reviews, fitness girls and hot babes.

As you can see, this still includes bodybuilding, but they concentrate more on the presentation of the physique and not so much on the method an individual uses to get there.

Overall Planet Muscle aim to be a unique, interesting and entertaining magazine.

The Future of Planet Muscle magazine…

With the recent introduction of Men’s Physique into the Mr Olympia and other bodybuilding competitions such as the Arnold Classic, I can only see Planet Muscle growing in strength as the years go by.

There has been a definite trend towards a more aesthetically pleasing body-type over the past year or two.

Keeping in trend with the Internet and ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle, you can pick the magazine up in American newsstands, or you can subscribe online.

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