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Last updated: April 4

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The 2016 Mr Olympia contest has drawn to a close!

Phil Heath has yet again retained the Sandow and he is now a 6 time Mr Olympia!!

This now puts him level with the great Dorian Yates.

The bodybuilding king of recent times has written his name in the history books once more!

Only 3 competitors stand in Phil’s way now for him to make Mr Olympia history, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman.

Arnold managed 7 Mr Olympia crowns, Lee and Ronnie are tied with 8 which is the current Mr Olympia record.

From pre-judging to the final round it didn’t look like Phil was going to be giving up his crown, he came dialled in and looked the real deal from the get go.

There will be question marks over whether his crown could have been challenged further with the absent Kai Greene and Dennis Wolf.  However the field were still strong this year….

Shawn Rhoden finished in 2nd place, the smallest waist in the show again.  Shawn really looked great this year, he appeared to improve from pre judging to the final round.

Dexter is still holding his own at 47 years old, he was probably a little disappointed because he felt he could win this year after being runner up last time out.

Big Ramy looks one to be climbing the ranks each year and improving with his 4th place, despite appearing to not be as ‘big’ as we normally see.

The surprise Package of the 2016 Mr Olympia was William Bonac.

William looked awesome this year. The most impressive thing we saw was in pre judging when stood next to Ramy…

…Ramy must be 50lbs heavier than William, but he held his own and looked really solid.

Unfortunately there was no place for Kevin Levrone in the top 10… but when compared to the rest of the field, it’s no surprise.

Whilst his upper body matched some of the top pro’s, his legs were severely lacking in comparison and it showed.


Huge respect to a guy who at 52 years old came and stood alongside the rest, especially after 5 months of training.

Mr Olympia 2016 Top 10 Results

1. Phil Heath

2. Shawn Rhoden

3. Dexter Jackson

4. Big Ramy

5. William Bonac

6. Roelly Winklar

7. Cedric McMillan

8. Dallas McCarver

9, Josh Lenartowicz

10. Justin Compton


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